The end of OasisRP
I am truly sorry to see the end of this, but I cannot go any further in this endeavor.

The true thing that killed me was when we had ~17 people on or so, and a lag spike took that down to about 6-7 people left. I was angry enough that I had bought a new host but that didn't fix anything. it still happened which killed my motivation after support just said 'its a steam issue we cant do anything about it'. ever since then I have had no desire to touch gmod at all.
What now?
Well for now, I am going to be shutting the server down and canceling the payment. This discord will still be around, but this will most likely be the only channel

Any hopes?
Based on past precedent I will most likely get a ping of intrest for the server again, but that is far from now I feel

Again, I am truly sorry for having to say this, but it was very fun while it peaked. So thank you to everyone who made it what it was for me, something to work on for fun. The community was great, I do truly hope that we cross paths again

- corrupted and Cookz